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Winkie Drills and Other Equipment

In addition to our fleet of Longyear 38s and Longyear LF™70 drills, we have Winkie drills, spares, and additives.

Winkie Drills

Extremely dependable, these lightweight diamond drills are ideal for drilling in remote locations. They can be or moved with a small vehicle like an ATV or even carried by only two people. We converted our two Winkie drills to hydraulic, allowing us to achieve with them even greater drilling depths.

Additives and Spares

To maintain smooth drilling operations for your project, we use polymer and bentonite additives, and we keep on hand a surplus of spares for our rigs. The additives cool the core bits during production, protect against corrosion, and stabilize the drill hole. Our spares help avoid production delays caused by parts that need to be replaced.   

The Songela Advantage

Always Prepared

We start each job fully prepared to keep your project moving forward. That means that we keep a keep a surplus of spare parts and additives on hand. Harsh terrain and punishing conditions put stress on equipment. Though skilled drillers know how to reduce this wear and tear on rigs, parts still need to be regularly replaced. Failing to prepare for wearing equipment can interrupt drilling, potentially causing significant changes in project scope. We make sure we’re always ready, so that your project stays on schedule.

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Small Footprint

Working near communities or in any environment, we are careful to reduce our effect on the land. Winkie drills, with their minimal frame and setup, are renowned for their small footprint. Extremely mobile and lightweight, Winkie drills make minimal environmental impact. We care about the environment in which we work, so we purchase and maintain drills best suited to projects in South America and to the land.

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