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Daryl Fry

Born in the Yukon, Mr. Fry founded Songela Inc. in 2011. Mr. Fry is a Canadian-born driller and gold miner with 60 years of experience in hard rock, blasting, underground and open pit placer mining. He has worked in Canada, Russia, Africa, and South America, and is a senior estimator, drilling consultant, and equipment maintenance advisor.

Lyndon Rohlehr
Managing Director, Guyana

Lyndon Rohlehr, commonly referred to simply as “Rohlehr”, has worked with Songela’s management team since 1995, originally as part of Atlas Drilling & Exploration Ltd. Today, Mr. Rohlehr is a partner in Songela.

With decades of field experience, Mr. Rohlehr is an expert is all aspects of drilling and in operations management. Since 1995, he has taken a lead role in each project at Songela. Mr. Rohlehr’s excellent technical and mechanical knowledge enable him to execute, plan, and lead any required function in mineral exploration, including building bridges, roads, and even rigs.

Ian Holliday
Managing Director, Canada

Ian Holliday provides expert project and financial management services through his consultant firm Cana Management Ltd. He is currently responsible for reviewing financials of Songela Inc. and some of the logistics. He provides accurate data for their short and long term business objectives. He is also familiar with Guyana and local business practices, and oversees all office staff and accounts procedures for both companies. Prior to joining Songela in 2011, Ian Holliday spent 20 years working in construction management, overseeing the administrative side of construction projects on behalf of property management companies and stratas.

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Benjamin De Freitas

Benjamin De Freitas is a Canadian/Guyanese who has been part of the team since 2016. Prior to working with Songela, Mr. De Freitas spent several seasons mining in the Canadian Yukon. He performed many duties, including equipment operator, office manager, and logistics coordinator. He worked in the Yukon for several years to prepare himself for the position of being a Director of Songela. Mr. De Freitas has all the expertise of managing a variety of different scale projects as well as various team sizes. Mr. De Freitas is stationed in Georgetown, Guyana to oversee day to day operations of the company.

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