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Why Songela?

Top reasons mining companies choose us for their drilling projects

Local knowledge and contribution

For your mining or water-well project in South America, partnering with a local drilling company is the best economic option. Being Guyana-based, we know South America. We know the culture, the terrain, and the geology. Whether it’s your first mining project in South America or your tenth, we’ll ensure drilling starts promptly and operates smoothly so you can focus on the next steps for your project.

Decades of experience

When you work with Songela, your drilling projects are in the care of seasoned professionals. Our local drillers have more than 10 years of drilling experience in mineral exploration, geotechnical drilling, and water-well drilling. Our site supervisor has more than 20 years of project management experience and is a fully trained driller and mechanic.

Legendary dependability

Customer satisfaction is our top priority, and as such, we’ve built our reputation on reliable, consistent results. We use the best equipment for drilling in South America, consistently deliver on time and on budget, and exceed customer expectations. Because of our exceptional relationships with customers and our successes over the years, we’ve become renowned for our expertise and dependability.

Always prepared

To complete your project on time and on budget, we’re prepared for every eventuality. We have multiple pieces of drilling equipment, which we keep serviced, clean, and maintained, and we keep a surplus of spares and additives. Our crew can be as large 150 drillers, drill helpers, and mechanics, ready to serve your project needs all year round. At Songela, we believe that preparedness is the best way to ensure quality and success.

Highly productive

We care about your time, and that shows in our work ethic and in our daily operations. Our wide range of drilling equipment, our tested processes, and our skilled crews make us a high performing and productive drilling partner. Our drills–our Winkies, Longyear 38s, and Longyear LF™70s–are portable and powerful. In even the most challenging of terrain, we maintain efficient operations. Our efficiencies and dedication to quality serve to maximize the value of your mineral exploration or production project.

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