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About Songela

Your drilling experts in South America

Songela Inc. is the exploration drilling company of choice in South America for mining enterprises worldwide. Our highly trained local crews, extensive expertise in diamond core drilling in the continent, and our dedication to customer satisfaction mean your project will be completed faster and better than with any foreign-based competitor.

From our history starting with master driller, Daryl Fry–a man renowned for his unparalleled work ethic–to our crew today of up to 150 skilled drillers, Songela has maintained its family roots and traditional values of hard work and integrity. As we like to say at Songela, We do what we say. We do it well. And we do it for a better price.

Songela’s History

Songela Inc. began with a Canadian master driller: Daryl Fry. A man with more than 60 years of experience in geological exploration who lives by the principles of hard work, reliability, and quality results.

Mr. Fry formed Songela Inc. in 2011, after operating Atlas Drilling & Exploration Ltd. in Guyana for more than 20 years. Throughout those years, Mr. Fry became an expert in Guyanese customs and processes. When he formed Songela, he instilled throughout the company a commitment to supporting the local economy and to helping Songela’s customers conduct mining exploration projects in South America.

Mr. Fry developed fantastic relationships with local drillers, communities, and politicians in Guyana. He trained local drillers, some whom also became master drillers and still work for Songela.

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Songela Today

Today, Songela remains based in Guyana and is the country’s largest drilling exploration company. At its office, Songela maintains an administrative staff of 5 members. They employ a local crew of up to 150 highly trained drillers who work year-round, including in the rainy seasons.

Songela retains a large fleet of well-maintained mineral exploration and water-well drills. Services include mineral exploration, geotechnical drilling, and water well drilling. Songela is focused primarily in the gold sector.

Maintaining its commitment to South America, to its staff and crews, and to best practices, Songela follows at every level of operations daily processes for health and safety and for reduced environmental impact.

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