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Our Equipment

The Right Drilling Equipment For Your Next Mining Project

The success of your next exploration or production project depends not only on the expertise of your drilling company, but on their equipment. Equipment that’s ill-matched to the environment or to your objectives could lead to massive overages in time and expenses.

We make sure you have the right equipment to maximize your project’s profitability. Our drills are ideal for mining production and exploration projects in South America.

All of our rigs are flexible and mobile, able to operate where you need them, including in the most remote and rugged terrain. We have a variety of equipment from fast-producing small Winkie drills to large diamond core drills. With our array of drill rods, we can drill to every standard core diameter and drilling depth.

Songela’s Drilling Equipment

Longyear 38 Drill

Longyear LF™70 Drill

Winkies and Other Equipment

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