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Water-Well Drilling

Professional, Quality Drilling For Safe and Affordable Water

Songela takes every precaustion to follow local regulations for water-well drilling for the public sector throughout South America. We have the equipment and skill necessary to drill confined and unconfined wells, including artesian wells. We take pride in helping communities have access to clean water all year round.

Our Water-Well Drilling Process

Let us know your needs and well specifications, and we’ll get to work using best practices in water-well drilling. Reliable and professional, our crews and equipment provide fast and effective precision drilling to whichever standard size and depth you need.

The Songela Advantage

Quality Service

We understand the importance of working with a drilling company that can provide the highest quality water-well drilling services. The health and wellbeing of local communities and the economics of large-scale hydraulic drilling projects are too important to trust to inexperienced crews. You can rely on Songela to complete the job we, and on time and on budget. 

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Experienced in South America

If you need water-well drilling services in South America, who better to partner with than a team of locally-based professional drillers? We’re familiar with local communities, challenges, and goals, and want to help governments and organizations improve the accessibility and affordability of water where needed throughout the continent, including reducing non-revenue water.

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Ready to start drilling?

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