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Songela’s Commitment to Environment and Safety

Safety and environmental stewardship are integral to our daily operations

Along with customer satisfaction, hard work, respect of local customs, and dependability, Songela values at every level of operation safety and the environment. We’ve built into our daily processes standards and policies to keep our crews healthy and safe and the land and nearby communities in good condition. From our management team and office administrators to each of our crew members, health and safety and the environment are top of mind in everything we do. We are fully committed to protecting our valued team, our customers, and the land and country that provides for us.

Environment and Safety


As part of the mining industry, we take seriously our responsibility towards biodiversity and environmental sustainability.

At Songela we consider in each of our daily processes environmental preservation and the wellbeing of nearby populations. We choose our equipment and transportation for the smallest footprint, and we make sure we satisfy environmental restraints for vibrations, noise, and disposal. Our policy after each project is that nothing is left behind.

Guyana waterfall
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Safety risks are inherent in drilling operations. We care about our crews and customers and therefore enforce strict material handling, safety code training, and site inspections in our daily processes. Our crews regularly check lines and fittings and keep equipment and project sites clean and organized.

We provide our crews with all essential personal protection equipment, including coveralls, boots, hard hats, ear and eye protection, gloves, and high visibility vests. We also ensure adequate water and shelter to protect against the elements as needed in any particular project environment.

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