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Mineral Exploration Drilling

Complete, High Quality Core Samples

Drillers who know the geology and local customs, and who are masters at their craft will save you time and money during the exploraion process. If you’re considering a mineral exploration project in South America and are looking for drillers that you can rely on, we’re your crew. We’ll help you get the samples you need to determine the sites value for future mining operations.

Our Mineral Exploration Drilling Process

We use diamond core drilling in all our mineral exploration projects. Diamond core drilling yields the best core samples compared to other drilling techniques. Your samples will be complete and clear, allowing your geologists to study the story of the deposits and provide accurate reports as to its potential value.

The Songela Advantage

Quality Core Samples

Our drilling processes and technique – diamond core drilling – mean that you get high quality core samples from each mineral target. With Songela, your geologists won’t have to struggle to extract meaningful information from pieces of blasted material or contaminated samples.

drill samples image
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Decades of Experience in Exploration

Songela has completed numerous mineral exploration projects in South America since 1994, both after Songela’s inception in 2011 and prior to that as  Atlas Drilling & Exploration Ltd. We have the hard-earned skill and expertise to help you explore even the most difficult formation geologies.

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Best Drilling Equipment

We maintain only the best equipment for mineral exploration in South America. We retain large to small drills, all portable to fulfill you project needs. We work in remote areas, including in environmentally sensitive areas, with the highest degree of productivity. 

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Ready to start drilling?

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