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Longyear 38 Drill

Reliable and powerful diamond core drill

We’ve trusted our customers’ large-scale and high-investment mining projects to Boart Longyear 38 drills for decades. Longyear 38s are large pieces of drilling equipment that are world-renowned for being reliable, powerful, safe, and mobile.

Songela owns and maintains eight Longyear 38 drills, allowing us to scale for diamond core drilling exploration projects of any size. These medium-drill depth devices can be disassembled, transported, and reassembled at any location, no matter how remote.

Longyear 38 Drill Uses at Songela

We use our Longyear 38s for high quality core sample extraction for our mineral exploration service and for geotechnical surveys. If you plan to explore a deposit or prepare a site for mining production, Longyear 38 is the drill you’d want to use in South America.

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