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Geotechnical Drilling

Reliable Subsurface Testing For Your Construction Project

Inadequate retrieval of subsurface soil and rock samples by your drilling contractor can result in incomplete test information and ultimately unsafe mine infrastructure. Incorrect drilling practices can also weaken ground properties, compromising the success of your construction project.

Trust Songela as your geotechnical drilling contractor for your property. Our expertise in geotechnical drilling in South America in all ground conditions ensures that you get the right samples for analysis and that your site’s condition is unchanged.

Our Geotechnical Drilling Process

We use the drilling rig most suited to the ground characteristics of your project, including the bedrock, soil, and overburden. Following best practices in geotechnical drilling, we retrieve high quality subsurface samples for your site survey. We help make sure that your geologists and engineers can conduct accurate ground layer and soil stability analysis and that you can start building. 

The Songela Advantage

Technical Expertise for Site Surveys

Successful site surveys require a high level of expertise geotechnical drilling. Knowing which diamond core bit to use in different ground conditions is earned through years of experience in varied terrain. Our drillers and crews have the experience required to execute fast and accurate sampling solutions so you can determine your sites suitability for construction.  

rig image
rig image

Quality Geotechnical Samples

The viability and safety of your mine site infrastructure or construction project depends on the quality of the ground on which it’s built. Without fully intact core samples on each subsurface layer, you’re essentially blind during infrastructure planning. For geotechnical investigations, we provide high quality test samples so you can accurately determine sub-surface land characteristics.  

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Ready to start drilling?

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