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Longyear LF™70 Drill

Lightweight and Powerful Hydraulic Drill

If your water-well, mineral exploration, or geotechnical project needs finessing in tight or particularly remote or difficult terrain, our Longyear LF™70 drills will save you significant amounts of time. These smallformat but mighty drills can be quickly disassembled and reassembled for use in any work site.

Songela has two Longyear LF™70s in our drilling equipment fleet. These drills, relied upon for the toughest of drilling projects around the world, can complete jobs that no other drill can.

For each of our projects, we select for you the best drill for your project, considering your needs and the environment in which you need to drill.

LF™70 Drill Uses at Songela

We use our Longyear LF™70s for mineral exploration projects, geotechnical projects, and government-contracted and other large-scale water-well drilling projects. Powerful and mobile with specialized operator safety and operation features, our hydraulic drills allow for a high level of productivity, saving our customers time and money.

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